Thursday, September 2, 2010

too much work

not enough return

p3ace br0s

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Thank god today we're back to full schedules...

Nothing of importance happened last night.  The Reds walked off against the Brewers to keep their 5 game lead.  Marky Mark Reynolds hit 2 dingers to get 31 on the year (still batting 215 though).  Big Zambrano pitched a gem against the Pirates, and even hit his own home run!  Hiroki Kuroda took a no hitter into the 8th, but was spoiled by Shane Victorino

Tonight people with actual talent are pitching!  Mike Minor for the Braves is going up with Johnny Niese of the Mets in a battle of the kids.  Both these guys will be good.  The Jays and Rays are going up against each other, Morrow vs Niemann.  Should be a good matchup.  The best of the night is the Astros (Rodriguez) vs the Cards (Carpenter).  Both these guys are studs, should be a low scoring game.  The only playoff relevant game is the Giants and Rockies.  The Rockies seem poised to make their usual late-season comeback and the Giants are still  racing for the Wild Card.

Minor league watch: Mike Moustakas had an *11 RBI, 3 HR* night.  This guy will be good (not Brandon Belt good mind you).  The Royals 3B prospect is batting 326 with 34 HRs and and OPS of 1.010 in AA and AAA.  He should be up next year with Alex Gordon in the outfield

I'm gonna update my about me if anyone cares haha

Monday, August 30, 2010


Hey guys.  In this blog I’ll be taking you through the day-to-day going ons in baseball. 

Today we have a short schedule, only 13 games.  Not many good matchups, virtually no good pitchers take the hill today.   Roy Halladay-Hiroki Kuroda is possibly the best matchup of the night.  Expect more than a few high run games.

A couple races are still neck and neck heading into September.  Rays-Yankees are still tied for first, but that shouldn’t matter much as the AL East runner up will probably end up as the wild card.  The White Sox are 4.5 games back, and with the addition of Manny Ramirez they might have a chance to surge back and overtake the still-Morneuless Twins.  I don’t think they will, the Twins have too good of a lineup and too big of a lead.  Over the the NL the NL West seems to be decided with the Padres showing no signs of slowing down.  The NL Central also seems to be over, with the Cards 5 games back of the solid Reds.  It should come down to a three team race for the wild card. With the Phillies holding on right now, the Giants are 1.5 games back and the Cards are 3 gb. I'd take the Giants in this one.  They have a solid lineup and the best pitching in baseball

Minor league watch: I’m telling you guys, the Next Big Thing is Brandon Belt, the first baseman for the Giants.  His line in the minors this year (over A+, AA, AAA) is 20 HRs, 21 SBs, and a 1.068 OPS.  He's onl 22.  This guy is gonna be great

Thanks for checkin in, see you guys tomorrow